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Welcome to the Synchronopedia website of beautiful, high-quality timeline reference wall charts and posters.




What is a "Synchronopedia?"




The Synchronopedia of "Firsts" in Science & Technology


When was the first weather map created? The first tuning fork? The Taj Mahal built? Bacteria discovered? First calculator? Plant classification? Fossils correctly identified?


This wall chart is a 40" x 28" (101.6 cm x 71.12 cm) wall chart that chronicles the development of inventions and discoveries from 1000 BC to the present. Over 2,500 historical "firsts" in 15 major science and technology categories are shown within the context of well-known or well-studied topics such as famous people, major conflicts and major world events



Read the Globe & Mail national financial newspaper's news article reviewing this wall chart.

The Synchronopedia of Women Who Shaped  American History


Why do the accomplishments of women, who make up 53% of the population, comprise only 2% of the content of history books?


This wall chart is a 40" x 28" (101.6 cm x 71.12 cm) visually exciting and highly informative reference wall chart that chronicles 155 of the most influential women throughout all of American history - from the 1580's to the present - as well as portraying some of their "non-traditional” roles.


One life can make a difference ...

To a nation ... to the world.


Read the Sun Sentinel daily newspaper's news article reviewing this wall chart.



The Conspiracy to Assassinate Jesus Christ, a novel of religious suspense and speculative history, Sejanus


The Conspiracy to Assassinate Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ is about to start a revolution—but it’s not the one he had in mind!


A never-before-told plot unfolds as the same events described in the Bible are driven by entirely new and plausible motivations of Governor Pontius Pilate, the high priest Joseph Caiaphas, and others.

     Why are both men pursuing separate hidden agendas to kindle an uprising against Rome, and why does Pilate really want Jesus kept alive? What role does Lucius Sejanus, the most powerful man in the Roman Empire, play in this multi-faceted conspiracy?

     What act, so audacious that people for the next two thousand years would still be outraged if they knew the truth, did Caiaphas and his co-conspirators undertake that also unexpectedly planted the seed of Christendom?

    As events unfold that square off Pilate and Caiaphas in the most famous planned miscarriage of justice in human history, follow Jesus’ journey from birth to adult, world explorer to itinerant lay preacher, and eventually to prophet of God.

     Even though this story might be considered to be of interest to Christians, it is actually one that transcends religion; a story of love, betrayal, and sacrifice. Tradition has a way of painting characters as black or white, but the truth, then as it is today, is always shades of grey.

    The startling conclusions will have you contemplating the many still hotly debated religious concepts in this completely original could-have-been historical fiction thriller.










Barrie Wilson, Professor of Religious Studies at York University in Toronto, and author of How Jesus Became Christian, wrote, “We forget at our peril that Jesus was a political figure as well as a religious teacher … Seepe’s intriguing book takes us into the realpolitik of the time and so places Jesus’ message and mission in its Roman context.

     It’s an important contribution to uncovering the Jesus of history.”




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