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Affiliate Program Details


We offer all of our visitors the opportunity to make money with your websites through our Affiliate Program.


It's very simple. Once you have signed up (takes 30 seconds), you place a link on your web site back to our site. If someone clicks that link and comes to and buys something, you receive 15% of the sale as a commission.


Everything else is handled automatically.


After you have signed up online, your Affiliate account is immediately active and you can start to earn money as soon as you start referring sales to us.


Features & Benefits

  • Receive 15% of all sales from visitors that come directly to us from your Web site

  • You start earning commission following your first affiliate-generated sale.

  • Instant notification by email to you of a sale

  • Password-protected page to check sales and update account information

  • Link to specific sections of our Web site or to our Home Page

  • Receive monthly payments via PayPal or company check/cheque

  • The amount of time that we hold the prospective sale open is 15 days (ie. the affiliate cookie duration). This means if someone clicks through but doesn't buy during that session and then later returns makes a purchase within 15 days of clicking your link, you will receive credit for that sale.


Program Requirements

  • You need to place a link on your Web site to generate affiliate sales with us

  • Because of the overhead costs, payments will be made either when commissions are greater than US $49.99 or within ten (10) business days after the end of each month, whichever is sooner.

  • Commission is paid on cleared funds only.

  • In the event that a sale is "charged back" to us (eg. product return), the commission is also therefore charged back to you, meaning the commission for that sale is not owed to you.

  • Spamming is not permitted under any circumstances

  • You may use screenshots of our web site and products but those images must be stored on your server and can only be used to promote our products and Web site. Such images cannot be used for endorsements of any kind without prior written permission from us.

  • You may use our technical information to better explain the product details

  • You must not frame our site or claim it to be any anything other than

To set up your Synchronopedia Affiliate link
Create an image or text link on your Web site and assign the following hyperlink to it. (Note: no spaces or carriage returns are used).

     The value for MyAffiliateName is the Affiliate ID you used when you signed up.
The above hyperlink will send customers to our Products Summary page.


Please contact us with any questions you may have.


As part of an affiliate link, you may use any of the following images.





Click here to return to the Affiliate Partner Program signup page.









We ship worldwide within one business day

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