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How to Enable Cookies


What are cookies and why do I need them?

Every online shopping cart uses cookies to "remember" the items that you have added to your shopping basket as well as to allow you to revise the quantity you ordered or to ensure that items are correctly deleted.


Cookies are just part of a temporary file that is written to your PC for the length of time that you are logged on to the shopping cart. Sometimes the file may be kept for a few days in case you wish to return and don't want to lose everything you have already added. In Synchronopedia's case, we keep your cookies file active for four days.


The cookies do not transmit any information in any manner to us or anyone else. They exist only on your machine.


The only general exception to this is when you purposely indicate that you would like your details to be remembered so that you don't have to repeatedly enter in the same information, such as name and address. If you are given this option and you elect to use it, your information is stored in a cookie that will "remember" it the next time you order from us. The next time you place an order, that particular information will be placed in the appropriate fields.


In our shopping cart, at the bottom of the screen where you type in your billing and shipping addresses, you have the option to tick the "Remember me" box to enable the above capability.


Enabling cookies

To check whether or not your browser has its cookies function enabled, and to switch it on - temporarily if you wish - so that you can enter an order, follow these steps. Write down the state of the setting before making any changes in case you wish to restore the setting to its original state:


Internet Explorer Browser

  1. Select File/Preferences

  2. Click the Privacy tab

  3. Move the slider to Medium

  4. Click Apply, then click OK.


Netscape Browser

  1. Select Edit/Preferences

  2. Click Advanced

  3. Click the "Accept all cookies" button

  4. Click OK.


Opera Browser

  1. Select Tools/Internet options

  2. Click Privacy

  3. Tick the "Enable cookies" box

  4. Click Apply, then click OK.


You must fully complete your order before disabling cookies again. Your order is fully completed when "THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER." is displayed on the screen.



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