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Product Guarantee

If you purchased your copy of the wall chart directly from, and it has a manufacturing defect (bad printing registration, ink smearing, etc.), you may return the wall chart for exchange, for the same product. You must return your product to us pre-paid (that is, at your expense), within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of your order.


If you are dissatisfied with our product and would prefer a refund, please click the link for our Refund Policy


To exchange a product, please see immediately below.

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Product Returns

To exchange a defective product as per our Product Guarantee, or to obtain a refund as per our Refund Policy,  please email our product exchange person us to receive a “Return Material Authorization” (RMA) number. This number must be included on your return package.


Please also indicate in an attached note the reason for your return, your RMA number, your name and “Ship To” address, a phone number at which you can be reached during the day and your email address. Please wrap the package securely. For your protection, you should ship to us by some traceable means such as UPS or Insured Parcel Post. We cannot be responsible for products lost in shipment.


Please send your product return (freight prepaid) to:


Synchronopedia Corp.

Attention: Customer Service

our address



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If, for any reason you are not happy with one of our products that you purchased on our Web site, you may return it within thirty (30) calendar days of your purchase date, freight prepaid (that is, at your expense), for a refund. You must ship the product back to us in its original packaging and the product must not be damaged or marred in any way (including fingerprints, smudges, tears, frayed edges, etc.). Please see "Product Returns" directly above for further details.

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Cancelling Products Not Yet Shipped

Since our products are shipped out within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving your order, it is not possible to cancel an order once it has been accepted by our Shopping Cart.


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Payment Alternatives


During the check out process on the web site, you will be prompted to choose a payment method. The choices are:

  • PayPal

  • eMail


Payment by PayPal guarantees shipment of your order within one business day. Payment by any other method requires receipt of payment before shipment.


We do not accept personal checks/cheques.


Credit Card

Payment by credit card is possible through the PayPal link even if you do not have a PayPal account.


We no longer support credit card purchases directly.


We encourage you to use the automated shopping cart on our Web site. Your transaction via our Web site is secure.



Even if you do not have a PayPal account, you may select "PayPal" to make your instant payment. Simply click on the  + buy   button beside any product and follow the instructions. There are no fees of any kind for using our shopping cart.


If you do not have a  PayPal account you may wish to consider getting one. It doesn't cost anything and the initial signup takes only a minute. There is no other obligation.


PayPal is by far the most preferred method for guaranteed secure instant payment, especially for auction sites like eBay.



You may telephone, email, post or fax your order but you will still be required to use a valid international or Canadian money order.


If you do not want to pay by PayPal and wish instead to pay by money order, then select "eMail" as the payment option.


This option will cause the completed order to be sent to us by email with a copy sent to your provided email address.


Once the email is sent, a confirmation page of the order will be displayed on your screen. Please save and/or print a copy of this summary screen for your personal record.


Then contact us by whatever method with which you are most comfortable.


Please make the money order payable to "Christopher Seepe" and mail it to this address. 


Note: U.S. money orders are not negotiable outside of the U.S.A. (Synchronopedia is based in Toronto, Canada). Please ensure that it is an international money order. International money orders are available at all U.S. financial institutions and post offices.


We do not accept personal checks/cheques.

It is better if you do not use "free" email addresses (hotmail, yahoo, etc.) when ordering online at our site. These kinds of addresses are often used when visitors attempt credit card fraud. We don't want your shipment to be delayed while we verify that the information you give us is correct. Please use an email address given to you by your Internet Service Provider. This will ensure that your order will be quickly processed and shipped.



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Established Organizations

We will automatically accept purchase orders from:

  • government agencies

  • educational institutions

  • libraries

  • museums

  • science & technology centers

  • planetariums

  • Fortune 1000 companies


Please email or fax your purchase order.


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Currency Exchange

We bill in United States dollars and automatically convert from whatever currency you choose to use (as listed immediately below) into U.S. Dollars. The currencies that we can currently automatically convert into U.S. dollars are:


  • Canadian Dollars

  • Australian Dollars

  • Euro Dollars

  • British Pounds


The currency exchange rate used is the one that is in effect the day of your transaction. Synchronopedia does not set any of the currency exchange rates and it does not make a profit or receive any kind of fee for currency exchange. 


The whole process is handled automatically by National Westminster Bank Plc, ("NatWest") owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, Registered Office: 135 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3UR,Registered Number: 929027 England. NatWest sets all currency exchange rates.


Your credit card statement will indicate the amount of the transaction in whatever currency you use, along with the U.S. price of the product you purchased from us. The currency exchange rate you see on your credit card statement is the one that NatWest Bank (see immediately above) established on the day of your transaction.


You can click this link for more information about our other principal vendor partners.


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Wall Chart Serialization

You may request that each chart in your order be individually numbered and authenticated with a "seal" impression if you place your order exclusively via this Web site, using our automated secure credit card shopping cart service. This is the only means by which you can serialize your wall chart.


If you want part of your order serialized and another portion not serialized, please submit two (2) separate orders.


Orders received by telephone, fax, purchase order, email, postal service or any other method will not be serialized, regardless of quantity ordered, previous quantity purchases, size of company, or any other quantitative value that might be construed to be an exception. To be fair to all customers, this policy will not be "bent."


You will be asked to select serialization or no serial number just before you order. Again, if you want only part of your order serialized, please submit two separate orders. Please note that you cannot request that a chart be serialized at some later time. This is the ONLY time you will be able to make that decision.


This is not a limited edition series or a limited time promotion. The serialization will continue in perpetuity or until, at Synchronopedia's sole and exclusive option, it is decided to terminate the service. If the decision is ever made to terminate this service, then we will publish on this Web site, the final number that was issued.


The number assigned to your chart(s) is automatically assigned in real-time (meaning, at the time the order is received). The number assigned is the next available number. Special requests for a particular number cannot be granted. Requests to know the current number will not be answered. 


The "seal" imprint that authenticates the wall chart will create an "embossed" (raised image from the surface) imprint on the chart. No ink is used so whatever printing is underneath will not be obscured.  The assigned number will be recorded in the space just above the words "Seal of Authenticity."


Below is a sample of what the embossed seal imprint will look like. Remember that the seal imprint is embossed, without ink. The lettering underneath will still be readable



Click image

to enlarge.


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We ship worldwide within one business day

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