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Firsts in Science and Technology Wall Chart - Large Mural Size. Total Discount
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The Synchronopedia of "Firsts" in Science & Technology is a wall chart that chronicles the development of inventions and discoveries from 1000 BC to the present. Over 2,500 historical "firsts" in 15 major science and technology categories of are shown within the context of well-known or well-studied topics such as famous people, major conflicts and major world events.

For example, developments in science and technology didn't stand still while Napoleon of France was conquering Europe at the turn of the 19th century. In fact, some extraordinary events took place during this time.

Mary Wollstonecraft published her influential book, Vindication of the Rights of Women, in 1792. The Rosetta Stone was discovered in Egypt in 1799. Dr. Edward Jenner discovered the wonder of vaccinations in1796. About half of the elements of the total Periodic Table of Elements were discovered during this relatively short period of time. Alessandro Volta built the first electric battery. Brandy (the drink) was first distilled from wine during this period. Enamelled saucepans were invented. Playgrounds began to appear throughout Europe. Jacquard's automated weaving loom forever changed the face of technology in 1801.

Read a national financial newspaper's news article reviewing this wall chart.


  • Over 2,500 individual event entries (about 1/4 million characters or 35,859 words, equivalent to a 120-page text book)

  • Over 160 amazing photographs of inventions, discoveries, placesand people

  • World Events category (top of the wall chart) includes over 100 of the most impacting and significant world events of thelast 1,000 years

  • Comprehensive cross-reference table lists every chart entry along with its "coordinate" so that you can quickly find any listed entry

  • Technology "epochs" are listed across the top of the wall chart

  • All the event entries are organized into 16 major categories

  • Printed on a high-quality 100 lb. bright white gloss EuroArt Silk stock paper and coated with an fade- and scuff-resisting UV (ultraviolet) gloss coating

  • The standard wall chart measures 40" x 28" (101.6 cm x 71.12 cm) - standard movie poster-size

  • Large format version available - 68.5" x 48" (174.0 cm x 121.9 cm). Sealed in a 3 mil plastic water-proof laminate

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High Price Difference

The price between a standard size and the mural size wall chart is on an order of a 10:1 difference. The large format price is truly a reflection of the cost to manufacture. It is not an exaggerated license fee.

A mural-size wall chart is printed individually on a large-format, high-resolution inkjet printer. It takes about an hour to output one and it is done by a outside vendor. It then has to be delivered to a different company for lamination.

The standard-size wall charts are manufactured in quantity at one time on an offset litho press. Several thousand can be printed in less than an hour. 40" x 28" is also a standard movie-size poster and there are enough presses around to drive competitive pricing. The largest format poster commercially available without "tiling" portions together is a 60" press but there are only a couple of vendors that can do this work so pricing is not nearly as competitive.

We believe the size of our standard wall charts represents the best balance of economies of scale and resale price.

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When selecting the shipping option below, you may elect to supply a courier account number (UPS, Fed/Ex, Purolator) instead of paying for shipping with us. Handling, which includes the cost of the mailing tube, is $7.00. An "Additional Information" box will be available on the "Check Out" page (below "Shipping Details") for entering in the courier name and your account number.

If you wish to order more than one copy then please contact us so that we can determine optimum pricing to your destination.

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