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Women Who Shaped American History - Large Mural Size. Total Discount
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Candidate Selection Criteria




Statistical Breakdown


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Our “synchronous chronological encyclopedia” features a number of teaching devices and instruments designed to provide an instant historical context of each woman’s life that might otherwise require a fair amount of personal research or study in order to achieve the same insights.


For example, within moments, a casual reader might discover that "Grandma Biddy" Mason, Lucy Stone, Susan Warner, Clara Barton, Susan B. Anthony, and Harriet Tubman were born within the same three-year period, survived the horrific American Civil War, saw the completion of the transcontinental railroad, witnessed the introduction of Bell’s telephone and Edison’s electric light, and read about Custer’s Battle of Little Big Horn.





The Synchronopedia of Women Who Shaped American History wall chart is a visually exciting and highly informative reference wall chart that chronicles approximately 155 of the most influential women throughout all of American history - from the 1580's to the present - as well as portraying some of their "non-traditional” roles. With the wall chart, we are striving to create a:

  • Dynamic and energetic tone

  • Sense of the patience, understanding and conviction required by these women to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles

  • Sense of awe of the accomplishments and success of women

  • Light academic tone that readers can nevertheless rely upon for knowledge-building and inspiration

  • Enlightenment to the unsung praises of women in history, but not to antagonize dissenters nor evangelize specific causes.

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  • 155 individual biographical entries (available chart space is the limiting factor)

  • About 90% of the biographies are accompanied by a portrait photograph

  • Timeline of World Epochs (eg. Industrial Revolution, Age of Reasoning, etc.) along top of wall chart

  • Below World Epochs is a timeline of American History Epochs (eg. Colonial America, Expansion, Gilded Age, etc.)

  • Below the epoch timelines are approximately 200 of the most impacting and significant events in American history, from the mid-1500's to the present, to provide a historical context for each biographical entry.

  • Below "events" are bars representing the life spans of each woman, to place their period of living and accomplishments within the context of the epochs and significant events happening in their day.

  • Each biography encapsulates the contributions of each woman, and also includes:

  • Full legal name, and popular name if any – for example: Norma Jean [née Mortenson] Baker "Marilyn" Monroe

  • Birth and death dates

  • State- or country-of-birth flag, representing a source of regional pride and contribution

  • 11 profession categories, colour-coded for quick visual appreciation of the types of professions that shaped American history. For example, Science & Technology has 32 entries representing 20.6% of the total. 


No. Entries

% of Total




Arts & Entertainment






Home Life









Science & Technology









Women's Rights



Work Life



  • Portrait photograph of each woman. About 10% have some other relevant image representation.

  • A flag in each entry identifies the U.S. state in which they were born or, if they immigrated, where they made their home.

  • Pictorial bar chart representation of the life spans of all biographical entries, so as to identify peers, contemporaries, and the historical events that occurred within their lifetime.

  • A comprehensive on-chart cross-reference index is used to easily locate each biography as well as significant organizations, books, awards, and other achievements of the respective individuals. For example, a cross reference listing for Elizabeth Cady Stanton would comprise the following entries:


    Stanton, Elizabeth Cady




    Women's Bible, The




    1st W.'s rights convention




    Declaration of Sentiments




    Nat'l Am. W. Suffrage Assoc.



    Any entry is quickly found on the wall chart by using the year of the birth date of the individual for the “X” axis coordinate, and a letter for the “Y” axis coordinate. The “Y” axis is an ascending alphabet sequence running down the left and right margins. Together they form a coordinate similar to the grid system used for looking up streets and addresses on road maps.

An example biographical entry: 



 Elizabeth Smith [née Cady] Stanton   1815-1902





Social reformer. Org. 1st W.'s rights convention - Seneca Falls (1848), co-authored Declaration of Sentiments defining document of US W.'s movement. Co-fnd. Nat'l  W. Suffrage Assoc. (1868), co-authored History of Woman Suffrage (1881). Merged 2 major US W.'s groups into Nat'l Am. W. Suffrage Assoc. (1890), becoming its 1st president. Pub. The Women's Bible (1895) – a study of sexism in Old Testament - condemned by her colleagues. Omits “obey” from marriage vows.



The use of abbreviations results in substantial wall chart real estate savings, allowing for additional biographies and other information. For example shortening “Women/Woman” to “W.” saves 3.5 characters per entry. With perhaps 70 iterations of the word on the chart, this one abbreviation saves 245 characters – enough space for one additional biography.


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Large Mural Size Specification

  • The large format size measures 68.5" long x 48" high (174.0 cm x 121.9 cm).

  • The large format version is printed on a high-quality stock paper and sealed in a 3 mil plastic laminate that is waterproof, strongly resists tears and scratches, and is fade-resistant

You may wish to view this wall chart's "starting" bibliography.



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Candidate Selection Criteria


The 155 names on the Women Who Shaped American History wall chart were selected from the biographies of  1,305 candidates. (Note: this long list may take a while to display.)


No consideration was given to a particular period in history or a particular profession. The honorees were all selected exclusively for their contribution, which was weighted according to impact on American history and/or the scope of the challenges they had to overcome.


We have two general principal criteria that we are applying to the creation of the candidate list for this wall chart.


We have chosen "Influential" rather than "famous" as one criterion. The second criterion is that the nature of the influence should have impact on the then-known national or international views, positions, or status quo.


For example, Lauren Bacall and Zasu Pitts might be considered world-famous, certainly in their time but their fame and accomplishments might arguably not have the same impact as those of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Mary Kay Ash, Eleanor Roosevelt or Madame Sarah Breedlove Walker.


A "de-selection" criterion has also been included. Generally, we are excluding women in entertainment (not literature) unless they have made a world-impacting contribution beyond their status as a "star." For example, the 1980's pop singer Madonna may have exerted tremendous attitude and fashion influences on young women the world over for a few years but that influence was arguably not of a lasting material consequence. In contrast, however, Oprah Winfrey has notable outstanding achievements and accomplishments to her credit, and her lasting influence has been felt throughout the world.



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Statistical Breakdown


Click here for a statistical breakdown for Birth Date, Country of Birth and Profession of the 155 biographies on the wall chart.


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The authors acknowledge that this project will never satisfy everyone. The list is based on extensive opinion polling and pedagogical research. However, in the end, the list is still subjective. The authors regret any disappointments any omissions may cause.


If you have any suggestions, comments, feedback, criticisms, points of view, etc. we encourage you to send us your feedback. Be assured that every comment will be reviewed and considered.


Everyone on the mailing list will be notified of the official release date prior to that date.

If you do not wish to complete the survey but do wish to be notified when the project is completed please add your name to our e-Mailing List and check off the option "Notify me about new products."


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High Price Difference


The price between a standard size and the mural size wall chart is on an order of a 10:1 difference. The large format price is truly a reflection of the cost to manufacture. It is not an exaggerated license fee.


A mural-size wall chart is printed individually on a large-format, high-resolution inkjet printer. It takes about an hour to output one and it is done by a outside vendor. It then has to be delivered to a different company for lamination.


The standard-size  wall charts are manufactured in quantity at one time on an offset litho press. Several thousand can be printed in less than an hour. 40" x 28" is also a standard movie-size poster and there are enough presses around to drive competitive pricing. The largest format poster commercially available without "tiling" portions together is a 60" press but there are only a couple of vendors that can do this work so pricing is not nearly as competitive.


We believe the size of our standard wall charts represents the best balance of economies of scale and resale price.



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Please Note:

When selecting the shipping option below, you may elect to supply a courier account number (UPS, Fed/Ex, Purolator) instead of paying Synchronopedia for shipping the order. Handling, which includes the cost of the mailing tube, is $7.00. An "Additional Information" box will be available on the "Check Out" page (below "Shipping Details") for entering in the courier name and your account number.

If you wish to order more than one copy then please contact us so that we can determine optimum pricing to your destination.



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