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The following statements are verbatim comments and feedback from some of our customers who have purchased our educational and reference wall charts.  


"We have about 500 high school students that attend after-school tuition in Mathematics, English, Physics and Chemistry at our two learning centres in Sydney, Australia. Since we mounted your Science and Technology Wall Chart on our walls, our students have been fascinated and amazed by them. They give our students a profound overview of the historical development of science and technology over the past 3000 years and an appreciation for human ingenuity, creativity and inventiveness... they are truly awesome!"

-- Rob Prior, CEO, Prior Education, Australia


( - purchased two mural-size wall charts)



"I'm a technology teacher at the junior high level and its not always easy to find something tech-related, educational, visually interesting, without looking elementary." -- Grace Frantz, Northbrook, Illinois



"After sales service is second to none! I highly recommend their product and service. Thanks" -- Cathy-Ann Berry, Mortdale, Australia



"An extraordinary work of research. I can't imagine the painstaking work that went into researching all the detail [in the wall chart]." -- Wilhelm Roegener, Hamburg, Germany





"I was very pleased to find your poster. I am a middle school science teacher, and am weary of the cutesy posters usually put out for Science. Thanks for bringing me a poster with some meat!" -- Susan Holls, Allen Park, Michigan



"Thanks, it will look great in my classroom where I teach Language Arts, Reading, and Social Studies to 8th graders." -- Alan Holmes, San Luis Obispo, California



"I received the [wall charts] today. Thank you for everything. ... excellent communication. Fantastic product.." -- Peter Buddle, Maple Ridge, British Columbia




"We home-school here. What a brilliant undertaking.!!!!! I was not a grasper of history as a child (or now). To help myself, I began a timeline in my room as a child (10-ish), adding facts I would learn or find by moving taped papers on my bedroom wall!!!!! As you could imagine, relative in days or years without a computer resulted in a near impossible task for the size of my room....and handwriting...... Anyway, this will be looked at often in our home." -- Janine Williamson, Greenwood, South Carolina




"Excellent item, thanks AAA++++" -- Diana Stiles Friou, Planner, City of Portland, Maine



"Send those wonderful charts when you can. Look forward to seeing the new ones when they come out." -- Edward Seffel, Senior Physicist, Ridgecrest, California



"I saw a reference to the woman's chart in the Sunday Technology Section of the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. It was no doubt a syndicated column appearing throughout the US. If you didn't plant the item, some female editor liked what she saw!" -- Ted Allman, Margate, Florida



"Looking forward to the poster...too many teachers are still posting images of presidents and military figures!."-- Ross Kolhonen, South Berwick, Maine



"Thank you for letting me know about the chart. I have just ordered one for my grandchildren." -- John Herman, Phoenix, Arizona



"It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you for your patience in dealing with a novice." -- Paul Buszek, Fraser, Michigan



"I am a high school chemistry teacher. I was looking for science-related posters to hang in my classroom. I used Google to search for "Science Posters" or something similar, and your website came up as a hit. When I saw it, I knew that it would be something my students would find interesting. In my classes. I try to impart a historical perspective to the discoveries that have led to our current understanding, so the wall chart is right up my alley." -- Charles Dobson, Haslet, Texas



"The wall chart is FABULOUS! Thanks again." -- Pat McFarland, Averill Park, New York



"Just a quick note to let you know I received the wall chart yesterday. It is great and will be a nice addition to my classroom."

-- LaDonna Lear, Henderson, Texas



"Wonderful poster, fantastic. Thanks!" -- Carol Mullaney, Newton, New Jersey



"Great product. Fast delivery, superb shipping. Highly recommended." -- Kevin Cain, Odenton, Maryland



"Love it! - Can't wait to read all of it." -- Diane Dodge, Wadsworth, Ohio



"I would like to take this time to thank you for the opportunity to purchase this item. I have always wanted the mural version ... but when I saw the smaller poster, ... I knew I had to have it. I teach an Exploring Technology Systems: Modular class at a local middle school. My students are in the process of creating invention cards based on the eras of Technology. I hope the poster will create a spark of interest in my students. I want them to question the origin of the things we have and how these items or ideas influence our society. I am going to place the poster in the hall by my door. It will be interesting to see how many students stop to read it." -- Penny Smith, Wendell, North Carolina





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